This site is specifically for metal shop related material. I understand metal shops sometimes use other materials too but please keep the subject matter to stuff you'd just use a metal shop for.
There are different kinds of metals shops so we'll need keep in mind that not every metal shop will have the same tooling as the next one, depending on the main thrust of the work they do. For instance a sheet metal shop probably won't have a CNC lathe, or a foundry probably won't have a digital height gauge with a granite surface plate. I'll never be able to list all the various types of specialty and hybrid machines people have come up with but am after the common tools that most shops probably have access to in 2011. So let's just see what we come up with...

Band Saw ( vertical, horizontal, portable)
Circular Saw ( hand)
Cold Saw
Abrasive saw
Drill Press (bench, floor)
Drill bits
TIG Welder
MIG Welder
Stick Welder
CNC (laser, plasma, waterjet, mill x ? axis, lathe, punch, wire EDM, die sinker EDM, etc.)
Belt Grinder (sander) (hand, bench, floor, w/disc, wide belt)
Shear (mechanical, hydraulic)
Punch (turret)
Brake (box & pan, finger, press)
Mill (knee, mill/drill, vertical, horizontal)
Grinder (hand, bench, pedestal, creep, surface, tool)
Cranes (gantry, jib)